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Puzzle Toys For Dogs To Best Entertainment For Pets

Introduction Of Puzzle Toys For Dogs To Best Entertainment For Pets

Puzzle Toys For Dogs To Best Entertainment For Pets. Just buying some fun puzzle toys to give to your dog to keep them busy. That would not be very enriching for a dog, instead, that would be super stressful Enriching activities should bring joy to your dog, not stress Dogs love to scavenge as well Of course, we teach them safety cues such as “leave it” and “drop it” when they do get something in their mouth that they aren’t supposed to have or that could make them sick.

We Offer Up Puzzle Toys

You can learn more about teaching training cues such as these and many more from our online puppy training course, 30 Days to Puppy Perfection. Dogs also love to foragot this means working to obtain food, this might be where the puzzle toys come in Keep in mind you may need to try a few different toys to find a few that your dog prefers Sometimes we offer up puzzle toys that are a little too advanced for our dogs Those aren’t very fun for a dog when they can’t figure out how to get the food out.

This causes frustration and your pup not only gets discouraged but stressed too, For example, we love the Kong and we have several filler ideas that you can find in this video here But sometimes the Kong is a little too tough for younger pups who can’t figure out how to get the food out So instead we would suggest a West Paw Toppl or maybe even a snuffle mat Snuffle mats allow your dog to paw and dig to find kibble or hidden treats. When your dog doesn’t get the right amount of mental and physical exercise including opportunities to engage in daily activities.

They find enriching You can expect an increase in what we consider unwanted behavior You heard that right, it’s only considered unwanted to us, but natural to our dogs Take for example barking A dog that doesn’t get the right amount of physical or mental exercise is going to be edgier They will be more in-tune to every little noise they hear This means they are more likely to alert bark When we can help release the pent up energy our dog has daily, we can see a more relaxed, and often calmer dog.

Aspects Of Our Dog’s Lives

Now for more info about barking dogs, you can check out this video here after you’re done with this one. Just an FYI I always put the video links in the descriptions below my videos so you can click the link and go directly to other videos I mention Ok, back to canine enrichment… Now an important part of enrichment involves the ability to make choices.

We control so many aspects of our dog’s lives, when they eat, where they sleep, who they can interact with, how they are getting there, and when they get to go the mental health of your dog needs to allow them a choice Research shows that the days of being a control freak over your dog and demanding they do what you say when you say it 24/7 is detrimental to your dog’s health How would you feel if you never got to make another choice a day in your life.

Well for me it sounds pretty good at the beginning Phew I don’t have to decide what we're having for dinner who else struggles with this one? I don't know about you but I get asked often by my family members “what's for dinner?” I always have to decide what we're having well in advance and get all the supplies and have them ready to go throughout the week for me, that is an extremely daunting task and can be overwhelming I would love it if somebody else made that decision for me but of course, over time I'm sure.

Allow Your Dog To Make Aren't Life-Altering

I would get a little frustrated with this decision making done for me sometimes I just want to have pasta or steak for dinner if I never got to choose when we had that it would be a real bummer now the choices I'm asking you to allow your dog to make aren't life-altering but can really change their behavior in a good way let's take for example going out for a walk it's likely that you walk out the door and you determine which direction you're going to go in sometimes.

The dog wants to go the opposite way and they continue reacting or pulling on the leash or lagging behind, all out of frustration what if you went out your door and let your dog decide which direction the walk was going to go in for the day you might be surprised Allison one of our team members started doing this with her dog Lincoln recently she let go of the control just a little bit and allowed Lincoln to decide which way they were going on their walk she noticed that Lincoln enjoy the walks a lot more and he was.

A lot less stressed Upon returning home sometimes our dogs catch a scent of something they just want to explore not allowing them to check it out can be very frustrating my dog pickles is a prime example I can drop a piece of kibble while he's in his crate and 4 hours later he remembers where that exact piece of kibble was and as soon as he's let out of the crate will immediately beeline for it all day long he smelled that piece of kibble and he just wanted to go explore it and of course, gobble it up.

Surprised To Hear That Their Dog

I think new puppy owners are often surprised to hear that their dog is a sentient being Meaning they have feelings and preferences For years we’ve been fed false information that dogs didn’t have feelings or preferences but preferred to be told what to do. As doctor Markowitz studied animals he determined they indeed do have preferences and feelings.

The next time you want to see this in action allow your dog to make some choices Put 3 toys down and see which one they want to play with Allow them to chose which way you go on a walk Offer them 2 treats and see which one they go towards first We always tell our Pro-Level students, those are the ones that have access to a private student-only Facebook group and access to LIVE group zoom calls with the trainers.

That they should keep notes about their dog’s activities, preferences… it’s like a daily logbook or reflection of what things work, what doesn’t, or What happens after a particular activity For example when you give your dog a puzzle toy, how long does it take them to figure it out, are they acting frustrated and give up and walk away or do they stay engaged for a longer period.

Only Can Your Dog Chase After A Fast

What is their behavior like afterward? These are crucial pieces of the puzzle If you continue to offer up activities that your dog doesn't love to do, you're not going to see the results you are looking for which might be a calm relaxed dog or a dog that Tunes in and pays attention when you're working on training games Remember earlier how I told you that knowing your dog’s breed characteristics can be helpful when determining what activities to offer your dog.

Well let’s take those dogs that love to chase We might want to incorporate a flirt pole into the training mix Not only can your dog chase after a fast-moving item but you can incorporate a few training games into the mix maybe you ask your dog for a sit or down before you engage in the game you'll likely be working on “drop it” or even “leave it” as you play with your dog keep in mind that puppies should not be encouraged to jump high as they chase the flirt pole lure.

The lure should be kept low and on the ground and encourage your dog to move after and chase after the lure be sure that you are not whipping the toy so that your dog has to make hairpin turns as they attempt to grab the lure this is very dangerous for growth plate development and Bone development.

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