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New Tostada 2022 Easy And Delicious Recipe

Introduction Of New Tostada 2022 Easy And Delicious Recipe

New Tostada 2022 Easy And Delicious Recipe. This is my ultimate street food breakfast lunch and dinner first up its breakfast and eggs guaranteed to spice up your day some of the best food I had in India was street food and every little food stall was cooking up something spicy something delicious a little teaspoon of oil gonna toast off a teaspoon of cumin mustard seeds a touch of salt and pepper lightly fry them off it's really important to cook off the spices it intensifies the flavor but draws out.

That nice spicy deep rich flavor so onion three fingers one in front two behind nice and fine onions in now we're gonna caramelize those onions mustard seeds have started to infuse cumin has that nice kick now with a little touch of butter in there get it nice and sort of rich gas up nice and high and caramelized onions now once the onions have turned a rich golden color that's what I'm looking for that is beautiful add baby spinach keep that pan nice and hot if you don't cook it out the actual breakfast ends up watering.

When the spinach is cooked set aside and it's on to the spicy eggs now the breakfast starts to come alight four nice eggs now give those eggs a little whisk a little touch of butter into the pan a little teaspoon of oil so the butter doesn't burn when the butter and oil are hot add a teaspoon of garam masala and turmeric cook that out now take your eggs into the pan almost gonna make like.

A nice spicy scrambled egg turn the gas down now as the scrambled egg comes together just finish that with a little bit of butter I quite like the sort of creaminess makes it so much more delicious and then from there I get my spinach chop up and then fold in the spinach to your scrambled egg something quite exciting about eating spice for breakfast but it's served in these wonderful little thin naan bread this will work with any flatbread or wrap you fancy and then lightly toast your naan take.

The eggs off the heat whilst you get on with the last job add quick mint and spice yogurt dressing a couple of tablespoons of fresh yogurt in there's always something to take out the heat then add chopped mint salt and turmeric mix that in now take a scrambled egg and half fill and now it smells incredible to get your yogurt down on top and lift that over and for me, that's what stands out with street food in India how delicious they can make street food with a little bit of spice amazing once you try

This spicy wrap I promise you scrambled eggs will never taste the same coming up I'll be showing you some irresistible street food dishes that are brilliant cooked at home but first here's a closer look at some of the ingredients you'll need to buy to make them starting with tortillas for lunch when it comes to street food the Mexicans have got it nailed tortillas turn any dish into a portable feast the yellow ones are made from corn flour white ones from what I'm going to toast a wheat tortilla for the incredible prawn tostada.

I'm making for lunch paprika originates in Hungary where it's been sold on the streets for half a millennia made from dried ground peppers ranging from sweet bale to mild chili peppers it could be sweet or hot but it's the incredible smoked paprika I'm using for my secret fried chicken recipe everyone loves popcorn and it's incredibly easy to make it's just the dried kernels from corn in the cob it comes in loads of different colors and varieties good old yellow is the one we know and love.

Whilst red is slightly nuttier and white gives a fluffier mild-flavored corn taste on the menu next for lunch is my take on this street food classic one of the reasons I love cooking street food at home is because it's such a contrast to what I do in my mission style restaurants daily a little bit salt on top as well it's not about intricacy or complexity that's all gone out the window and trust me there's only one rule if it tastes great cook it here's my ultimate street food lunch succulent zingy prawn tostadas and for dessert salty caramel popcorn.

So good you'll want to eat it by the handful you can't beat properly home-cooked popcorn start with just a touch of oil in there as it lightly starts to smoke corn in so now get your lid never leave it far away from you sounds like it's raining it's not so it's popcorn canals trying to pop out boom delicious just a little shake of the pan get it going and then lift that lid at your apparel we see it's a very exciting pan in there and when all that little pitter-patter stops you know your popcorn is cooked nicely you could eat.

It's fresh from the pan but I've got another plan I'm gonna make a salted caramel popcorn start with your sugar into the hot pan never stir a caramel otherwise it crystallizes it's a salted caramel so a nice pinch of salt in there as well now once you've got it to a nice dark caramel flavor stir in your butter very carefully caramel is very very hot half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda kickstarts the reaction that gives the caramel a honeycomb flavor mix that in you'll see it reacting almost like a large crunchy in the bottom of your bowl now.

The gas is off and that caramel has a nice dark rich flavor now pour in the popcorn to coat it with that incredible caramel give that a good mix it's that easy and it's gonna taste amazing lay that nice and flat once that cools down it becomes nice and brittle we've got that nice salted caramel flavor which just takes popcorn to a complete dim level whilst the popcorn cools down it's on to my prawn tostada wonderful prawns I'm gonna marinate them first with a little bit of garlic nice and fine and don't worry.

If you can't slice thinly just get a little crater and grate the garlic nice and fine like a well nice pinch of chili flakes over your prawn garlic in salt pepper and olive oil give that a nice little mix whilst the prawn's marinade I'm gonna knock up a salad this is a nice sort of light fragrant salad radishes topped and tailed and then into quarters cherry tomatoes halved spring onions sliced and seasoned and then just to liven things up a little bit of chili in there and slice them on an angle now.

The avocado cut in half give that a little twist so you just go down and down and down carefully with your knife turn it around go down and down and down and then you take your spoon and you've got your diced avocado coming out already now baby gem lettuce half then shred freshly squeezed lime juice and a little drizzle of olive oil tostada is a classic Mexican style open tortilla so that lime complements it beautifully lastly roughly chopped coriander and give it a mix that is the perfect base for our tostada.

The salad's ready now for the prawns and don't be afraid of getting the pan nice and hot teaspoon of olive oil in anything less than that sizzle when you put that first prawn in there don't put them in keep them nice and flat make sure you've got all that marinade in there as well watch them change color rapidly I'd rather cook them quicker in a hotter pan and slower in a colder pan the difference in taste is night and day the prawns will take just two minutes to cook through lime juice just over the.

Top nice toss them over the lime these are corn tortilla quite robust and there's a kind of base that doesn't disintegrate hot pan in it's a dry pan so that corn tortilla goes nice and crispy on the outside look crispy shell to build them generous with the salad that base will stay nice and crisp next with your prawns I like to keep the tails into the center and lay the round part of the prawn on the outside and there we have a delicious yeah very humble prawn tostada followed by my superb salty caramel popcorn beautiful prawn tostadas and salty caramel.

Popcorn vibrant irresistible smelling dishes you'll want to dive into over the past 20 years i've really noticed a big change in people's attitude to what they will and won't eat these days people are much more adventurous they love trying new flavors new ingredients and new cooking techniques whether it's cooked on the street or in your home kitchen this is my ultimate finger licking street food dinner and helping me in the kitchen to make one of his all-time favorites is my son jack.

The first job the perfect side dish for my fantastic fried chicken jack hi am i gonna help with some pickling please oh definitely now you love pickles right love pickles um favorite pickle what is it i like pickled onions we're gonna do pickled celery mm-hmm it's a nice little snack and great for plum ones great for salads.

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