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New Puppy Tips How To Survive In 24 Hours Easily

Introduction Of New Puppy Tips How To Survive In 24 Hours Easily

New Puppy Tips How To Survive In 24 Hours Easily. I know those beginning hours with your puppy are pretty exciting but daunting. I’m sure you’ve prepared for this but when the time comes, you may be wondering what EXACTLY should you be doing when you first arrive home. You might have been planning for this day for weeks or months but for your puppy, he thinks it’s just a normal day.

When Bringing Your Puppy Home

Nothing new happening here. He woke up, the breeder gave him some food, he was playing with his littermates and then you showed up to take him away And now everything is new to him. It’s like if you were suddenly picked up, put in a car, and taken to the airport and put on a plane. You can’t talk and no one is talking to you.

You are just suddenly going somewhere with someone and you know nothing! That’s what it’s like for our dogs. Poor things, they just don’t understand our words so we really can’t prepare them. But we can try to make the process at least a little easier. When bringing your puppy home from the rescue or breeder, I strongly recommend you put him in the crate for the car ride home. He will likely sleep in the car - the rocking motion and all the overstimulation just tend to make that guy doze off.

If he’s in the crate this could be the first introduction! So make that sleepy time work in your favor and help him begin that association that the crate means sleep! If you can bring the snuggle puppy and rub it on the mama dog, or bring home a blanket that smells like mama dog, that would be nice for your pup to have in the crate. You can play calming music and even use the Adaptil spray to further set this car ride up for success.

Puppy Fussing And Complaining Is Normal

You’ve probably heard me talk about introducing new items to our puppy gradually, so they can build up a positive association. But for safety reasons, sometimes we have to just jump right in from day 1. That’s the case with the crate, the leash, and the collar. You can start associating those things with good things as soon as possible, but you also have to use them even before that work is done. Puppy fussing and complaining is normal but you want to change things up if you think your puppy is panicking.

Panic behavior usually looks like thrashing and screeching and really out of control anxiety. If you see that, it’s time to do a brain reset and help the pup calm down by getting him out of the crate, taking off the leash or collar, and changing the environment. You kind of have to just do the best you can while keeping your puppy safe in that exact moment.

That also means you’ll need to take smaller steps towards your goal and start on that work right away. ARRIVING HOME So now you are ready to arrive home. “Michele, what do I do when I first come home with this puppy??”. I recommend you take the puppy to the potty spot right away before you even head into the house Introduce him to this potty area. Hopefully, it’s outside because you have heard me say that pee pads are a definite NOPE.

New Puppy Starter Kit

He may or may not go potty, but if he does, you can reward him right away with a little piece of kibble and a little tiny praise party. Nothing too loud or crazy, this is all so new to your pup and probably quite scary! The best potty training info is going to be in this free new puppy starter kit. I’ve included a sample schedule, some great info on the fundamentals of potty training, some amazing tips if things aren’t going quite according to our plan, and a bell training lesson. If you haven’t seen this free digital kit yet, you’re missing out.

As soon as you finish watching this video, head over to download it. The link is in the description below. So after introducing the potty spot, you might be tempted to head inside and plop that puppy on the floor and squeal with all the cuteness. Well, maybe but not quite yet. I don’t recommend giving your pup a lot of space right now.

He’s probably rather small, he’s definitely overwhelmed at everything new, and a lot of new space will likely just overstimulate him and probably lead to a potty accident. This is a great time to introduce him to his pen and his crate. If the two are attached, you can put him in his pen and let him explore a little bit. Maybe the smell of that blanket or snuggle puppy will lead him to his crate. Let him check out this smaller area for a little while so he gets familiar with the new space.

Play Pass The Puppy To Several

There are probably so many smells, he’s got a lot to learn. During this time I would recommend one - yes, just one - human being on the floor in an enclosed area with the pup at a time. Resist the temptation to scoop him up and put him on your lap for a long snuggle session or play pass the puppy to several other adoring humans that also want to snuggle him. Just sit quietly on the floor, one at a time, and let him come to you. You can say a soft “yes!” when he looks at you or when he gains some confidence to come to smell you or sit on you, but let him lead the way.

We always encourage our students to be inviters not invaders of a puppy’s personal space If other humans in the house want to meet him, let them take turns sitting on the floor and letting the pup get to know them as he is comfortable. This first day - and days- are about doing things at the puppy’s pace. What I’m saying is.

ALL of the training is done at the puppy’s pace, not yours! As you see the puppy getting sleepy - believe me, this won’t take long - gently direct him or place him in his crate, close the door and cover it. Put on some soft doggy calming music and walk away. He might whine and fuss and that’s OK for a little bit. It’s part of him learning how to self-soothe. This could take a while. As long as he’s not panicking, it’s OK to let him work through this extinction burst. If you know his needs have been met and he’s had a potty break, some food and you know he’s sleepy, it’s oK to let him complain about a bit before he falls asleep.

There’s no magic answer for how long he should be able to cry but if he’s not panicking, his brain is capable of learning new things so let that process play out if you can. Crate training can be hard work but it’s worth it. I’ve got a lot of great tips for you. This video is my latest one with all my favorite tips.

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