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New French Inspired Dishes | Home Cooking 2022

Introduction Of New French Inspired Dishes | Home Cooking 2022

New French Inspired Dishes | Home Cooking 2022. Simple elegant and delicious the secret to a good Madeline is it's light fluffy delicious and it's perfect with the coffee in the morning so melt the butter gently next crack three eggs that were one of the most exciting things about living in Paris there was always something there in that little pastry shop that used to live above gotta incorporate the sugar and then give that a really good whisk because it's important to incorporate some air now.

The Bowl To Your Advantage

The secret to whisking is a big beautiful bloon whisk the bigger the balloon whisk the more aeration you'll get in the mixture so the best thing to do is just go from left to right and then change hands every 15 or 20 seconds so your hands never get tired and tilt the bowl to your advantage as well now you can see the mixture starting to aerate it's almost double in size the more you whisk this the lighter it becomes so it starts to almost look like a light whipped cream gone is that dark rich egg yolk color beautiful once.

The eggs and sugar become pale creamy and thick sift in the self-raising flour sieve in the flour now I'm giving my Madeline's a twist by adding poppy seeds for a crunch and lemon for flavor the zest of the lemon in there generous on the lemon-lime is wonderful orange zest again beautiful I've even made pink grapefruit made lines with poppy seed delicious but lemon for me is the best pour the melted butter down the side of the bowl so it cools down even more and then combine start mixing that in.

It's really important at this stage that we don't beat the mixture I want to keep that nice aerated texture across the madeleine mix so I'm going to use a spatula now and just gently mix my butter in now give that a good mix and they say that the longer you make them mix up in advance the higher they rise in the oven look at that it looks beautiful leave that to sit there and we'll butter and line our molds you can make these in little miniature Yorkshire pudding molds I've even seen Madeline's been cooked in espresso cups.

The Traditional Madeline Tray Yorkshire

So if you haven't got the traditional Madeline tray Yorkshire pudding trays now just as good lightly butter the inside of the tray take a tablespoon of flour and the secret now is to lie in the mold with flour that stops any chance of the Madeline sticking tap the sieve into all the little grooves and this will ensure that they'll come out instantly then all you do then is just stand up the tray and tap it two or three times and you'll see the flour roll out so there you go.

The baking sheet is lined beautifully with no excess butter and no excess flour the beauty of this recipe is that you can make it the night before and then simply bake it in the morning when you're ready to go put the mixture into a jug to make it easy to pour into the tin give it a little stir so you've got that nice even distribution of those poppy seeds and just gently lovely fill them up to the top oh beautiful so much easier pouring this from a jug because you get the exact amount in the oven 180 degrees.

Do not open that door before 10 minutes and wait for that wonderful surprise smell amazing now a little tap on the side of the tray and should just all pop out usually that smell is unique that nice soft crisp outside with this lovely fragrant fluffy center and the secret of a great Madeline as the french would swear by it is this lovely little mound on top they call it the nipple but that is the confirmation that is perfect my poppy and lemon madeleines are a sophisticated continental start to the day and take me.

A Fantastic French-Inspired Lunch

Straight back to Paris coming up I'll be showing you a fantastic french-inspired lunch and dinner but first here's a look at some of the key ingredients you'll need to add a bit of garlic flair to your cooking the one ingredient most associated with french food is garlic and it's no surprise almost every one of my french recipes has it in garlic is a member of the allium or onion family and comes in all shapes and sizes and strengths pink garlic from a trek in southwest France is considered.

The finest with a strong sweet taste elephant garlic has massive bulbs and a much milder flavor but today I'm using a common white type you get in all the supermarkets it's a great all-rounder brandy is the ultimate spirit of France it's made from either distilled grapes or fruit arminiak from Gascony in the southwest is made from wine distilled in oak casks and is the oldest recorded brandy in France cognac's also a wine brandy named after a town in Puerto Shahar region in the west.

Where it must be made to be classified as cognac calvados is an apple brandy made from distilled cider and comes from Normandy the french cook with brandy a lot and tend to ignite or flambe it to bring an amazing depth of flavor to dishes like the chicken Fricker say I'm serving for dinner France is justifiably famous for his cheeses and one of my favorites is goat's cheese called chev in french they produce hundreds of types from the very mild and creamy to the strong and pungent and because.

The French Keep Most Of It For Themselves

It's so delicious the french keep most of it for themselves and only export a tiny amount of luxurious soft ghost cheese goes perfectly well with sweet pears and earthy walnuts in the open sandwich I'm making for lunch when I was living in France I got to know two very distinct traditions of french food, on the one hand, there was the delicious oil cuisine I cooked all day in the restaurant and on the other hand there was the food you ate in people's homes which is a lot simpler to make but still absolutely delicious.

My ultimate french-inspired lunch is very light bright and takes me back to when I lived in Paris it's my take on the salad nicoise served with a delicious goat's cheese and pear tartine think of the nicoise as an assembly job of delicious ingredients brought together with a fantastic dressing the secret behind my salad nicoise is in the dressing spoon dijon mustard into a pestle and mortar some people top the salad with anchovies and capers but in mine, they're the base to the dressing we're gonna grind that too.

A paste and then get the garlic in there season well with black pepper it doesn't need any salt in there because of the anchovies add a couple of tablespoons of red wine vinegar olive oil and lastly flat-leaf parsley to give the dressing freshness against those deep flavors it's a thick rich substantial dressing done now for the salad ball potatoes green beans and eggs from a rolling ball seven and a half to eight minutes it should keep that nice yolky creamy texture in the center once.

The eggs are ready put them into cold water to stop them cooking and this is a great trick to peel them so much easier peeling eggs when you use the water that they've been cooling down in and the water will seep underneath all the shell so the whole shell just gets peeled off with one beautiful big layer now beans nice and crunchy season the beans and potatoes whilst they're still warm so they absorb more flavor.

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