New Apples 2022 Recipes

  1. Introduction Of New Apples 2022 Recipes
    1. Apples Do You Know Green Ones
    2. A Couple Of Eggs Splash Of Milk Leftover Apples

Introduction Of New Apples 2022 Recipes

New Apples 2022 Recipes. Apples were my favorite fruit growing up originally came from China when it comes to cooking apples it's got to be a sharp brambly which I'm using as part of my compot for lunch now for the apple compote what we need to do first is to get these peeled and sliced I get my pan on to get nice and hot now let me give you a little taste of that they're incredibly acidic, okay and you need to cook them those wonderful red apples you've got are called bray burns.

Apples Do You Know Green Ones

What other apples do you know green ones what they called um I'm not too sure what the green one is another word for your nan grandmas no red no pink lady apple no granny smith apples that's right what we're gonna do is cook the cooking apples and the eating apples together I love the combination of the tartness from the brambly cooking apple with the sweetness of the Braeburn get the pan nice and hot and sprinkle the bottom of the pan with caster sugar three or four nice slices of fresh ginger and three little cinnamon sticks.

I want you to remember that because we're gonna look for them okay because once we've used them and they've worked their magic I need to pull them out see all the sugar dissolving now we just let that go a little bit darker okay and then the place is quick doesn't it give that a nice little toss okay nice golden color cinnamon in ginger in so we're cooking down the apples butter in gently cook until the apples soften then take off the heat and they go into there what's that coming out dad so.

That is a little bit of the puree I'll show we'll do that in a minute how many gingers four ginger and three cinnamon out with cinnamon we've got another ginger gingers and we take a spoon of apples it smells so nice how nice is that look see the color apples let's put these in the fridge to get nice and cold that's the compost sorted easily now a simple creamy whip to crown the top do you separate the egg whites into there for daddy all right egg whites are in egg whites are separated and I'll sprinkle the sugar in and then.

This Apple Butterscotch Now To Make

You turn up the speed good girl now let's see if you've got a nice stiff peak so you lift them now that is what I call a nice stiff peak well done not bad next in a separate bowl whip double cream until stiff nice and slowly so cream whips so much quicker yeah nice that by hand we're gonna put some delicious lemon zest which will make the cream so much better then sweeten it up with leftover caramel compost puree you mix that is nice and carefully so it's like this apple butterscotch now to make.

The cream even lighter fold in those whisked egg whites and sugar egg whites into the cream just nicely fold that in so you bring your glasses back out manage the glasses yep good girl silly we're on for a treat open up the piping bag now twist the end you could spoon this in but I want to just give a nice little lift it also gives it a nice pattern lemon on the top back in the fridge irresistible cinnamon eggy bread with quick stewed apples I've never forgotten I think it was about six years of age when mum brought.

This huge tray of eggy bread to the table and it was like wow man we've died and gone to heaven start with a slightly stale bread four or five-day-old loaf leftover if it's a fresh bread then it absorbs too much of the egg so, therefore, it gets soggy you never get it fried and crisp and if you're not gonna use the breadcrumbs eggy bread is a must in France they call it pan perdu the lost loaf now eggy bread is great on its own but serving it with stewed apples is delicious so the secret here keeping the skins on.

The Apple From Breaking Down Too Quickly

It's a lot of flavor in the skin and also it stops the apple from breaking down too quickly they get these nice chunks as opposed to a sort of apple puree now get your pan nice and hot and sprinkle a couple of tablespoons of sugar take the sugar down to a light caramel it's quite incredible how cheap it is to make this and yet it was so filling if you haven't got apples this recipe will work pretty much with any fruit you've got in don't be scared to mix a pear and an apple banana and a pineapple just chew.

It lightly toss in the caramel get a little knot of butter that makes a nice toffee apple flavor simple now you can see what's happening the apples are caramelizing but they're staying intact because the skins on the apple and the caramels turned into this nice rich butterscotch sauce once you've glazed all the apples a couple of tablespoons of water in there bring that bowl and let that cookout now the eggs three whole eggs whisk up the eggs add about four tablespoons of milk you want.

The egg is thick and rich and then lightly sprinkle in a couple of tablespoons of sugar that sweetens up the mixture and when you start frying the bread it caramelizes it beautifully a teaspoon of powdered cinnamon that gives the bread that nice spicy deliciousness apples are glazing beautifully and put them on a low heat and get a pan on now for the bread a teaspoon of oil that stops the butter from burning butter in as that starts frothing get your bread in it's going to be pretty quick now.

A Couple Of Eggs Splash Of Milk Leftover Apples

Now you don't leave the bread soak in the drain and the pan once your egg bread has browned flip it over 90 seconds each side that butter gives that nice golden brown color of that egg beautiful it's quite remarkable isn't it a couple of eggs splash of milk leftover apples and all of a sudden you've got this stunning breakfast now my apples they've all glazed beautifully get a nice spoon of that amazing juice and drizzle that over mmm wow if my mum saw me doing this.

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