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New 2022 Dog Easy Training Tips | Dogs Trainer Tips

  1. Introduction Of New 2022 Dog Easy Training Tips | Dogs Trainer Tips
    1. An Adult Dog Is A Better Choice
    2. Why They Chose The Dog They Did

Introduction Of New 2022 Dog Easy Training Tips | Dogs Trainer Tips

New 2022 Dog Easy Training Tips | Dogs Trainer Tips. Do you want to know some secrets? how much puppies are like brand new babies and have a lot of needs I’m sure they love coming home to a furry friend at the end of the day, but I have to gently remind them that the furry friend has needs too that can’t just be brushed off. If you want him to greet you nicely and lovingly at the end of the day, you have to put in some time during the day - every day - to make sure his needs are met and he knows.

An Adult Dog Is A Better Choice

What do you want him to do differently. But don’t despair, if one of those examples sounds like your lifestyle, it’s still possible to get a dog AND meet his needs. Sometimes an adult dog is a better choice. They are content with a leisurely walk in the morning - which is good for the human brain too. Then this senior dog might enjoy a day spent napping on a comfy bed, some human engagement, and another nice outing, then a nice comfy bed for more sleeping at night.

If that sounds ideal to you, consider getting an adult dog who has a little less energy than a puppy, and maybe is just looking for a quiet home to live out his days. They still need work but maybe they would fit into your lifestyle just a bit more. Just promise me to do your research on the dog first. Believe it or not, sometimes I want to be honest with my clients and say “NO dog may be a better choice. “ At least for right now. Just think it through before jumping into a 15-year commitment that will take time and money.

I can teach you how to work with your dog but I can’t change your work your lifestyle or your home life. If your life is not a good fit for dog ownership, no amount of training will make that better. I was a Debbie Downer on that last confession but I felt like you’d want me to be honest with you. Let’s move on. Basics are more important than tricks Yes I know how fun it is to show off your pup’s silly tricks when company comes over. Maybe you want him to roll over and play dead.

A Dog In An Agility Competition

Maybe you want him to shake or sit up on his back legs and look cute. Maybe you want him to jump over that big chair like a dog in an agility competition. If you want him to do all those things, that’s fine, and the dog would probably enjoy working with you. But if you don’t also teach a solid foundation of the basic skills, then you’re going to have an unbalance of skills that will probably create some conflict.

A solid grasp of the basic skills - I like to think of the most important ones as impulse control, leash skills, and recall - will create a much more harmonious relationship than a mediocre skill level in these areas and a mediocre grasp of fun party tricks. Focus on the basics first, get them rock-solid, and get some experience in training your dog. Build up that relationship a bit more first, and then you can add in those fun party tricks. My dog Pickles loves to work with me. I have to teach him silly things.

Did you know that I taught him to lift his leg and pretend to pee for a potty training lesson I did for a commercial on potty training for puppies It was so fun and he enjoyed it too? But there's no way I was going to teach that to him before I taught the fundamentals like “go to your bed” or “come” or even how to walk nicely on a leash.

The Next Tip On Dog Training

That pretend pee was next-level training, for sure. By the way, if you want a peek into what I have to say about potty training, The new puppy starter kit is your best resource. You can download it for free, but wait until we finish our little chat here today You’ll benefit from these confessions in everything you do with your dog, even potty training. The next tip on dog training, from an, experienced and certified dog trainer and owner is.

We aren’t looking for obedience, we are looking for a relationship I have a lot of clients who have approached me and said “Michele can you teach my dog to obey me? He’s very stubborn". Oh, now you’ve got my attention. That Sword - STUBBORN makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up every time! I don't feel that dogs are "stubborn" or "difficult". Puppies may seem like they refuse to do things but it’s usually because 1. Confusion 2. Lack of motivation 3. Not enough reinforcement 4.

Flooded with information - overstimulated. It's up to us as humans to figure out what is going on and how to approach the situation differently. Anytime you call your dog 'stubborn' or 'bad' you are judging their potential based on your limitations as their trainer. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings with that comment, I’m just giving it to you straight as a friend would! I like to help people adjust their mindsets. If you are raising a family companion, you probably don’t need strict obedience.

I Think Of Service Dogs Or Police Dogs

This may be just semantics but it’s an important differentiation. When I hear obedience I think of service dogs or police dogs who have gone through very specific training programs that can take years to complete years at a full-time capacity They are trained to be “bomb proof” which means that the world could be crumbling around them and they’ll still perform the task they are asked to do for their handler In fact service dogs are even trained to perform what’s called intelligent disobedience.

That means that if the handler asks them to go to the right, but going to the right would result in danger for the human, the dog has to intelligently disobey. Can you imagine the training that goes into that? Talk about the next level! That’s not really what the average family needs from their dog. Most of the time the humans I work with are looking for a companion who is well behaved, can walk nicely on a leash, greet guests calmly and be a part of the family. And that probably means no counter surfing or chewing on table legs, right?

Right! So I train humans to build a relationship with their dog, not strict obedience. If you need a service dog, there are some amazing programs out there for you, and of course, the handlers have awesome and loving relationships with their dogs. But for most of my clients, we are simply looking for a great life partner who fits nicely into the human world, not the obedience level of a service dog. I can help you with that. So think of training like building a relationship with your dog, not asking him to save your life.

Why They Chose The Dog They Did

Breed plays a role. Some breeds more than others. Choose wisely When asking my clients why they chose the dog they did, a lot of times it has to do with logical things like the size of the dog, or if they shed, or maybe some nostalgic connection with a breed they had as a kid. Those are all fine things to consider, but I want you to dig into the breed characteristics of your dog or the one you might choose. Understand the instincts that the dog was bred for.

Was that dog bred to chase, herd, jump, run, retrieve? Evaluate if those instincts will be met in your household. The breed is not the only thing to consider but it’s one thing to consider. Lineage and genetics play a big role too, but the breed is a good place to start in understanding what your dog might enjoy doing. Dogs can’t just take a day off work, load up the car with some camping equipment, and head to the lake for the weekend.

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