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ENGINEERING Degrees In 2022 Study Guide

  1. Introduction Of ENGINEERING Degrees In 2022 Study Guide
    1. The List Is Going To Be Nuclear Engineering
    2. There Are Two Different Types Of Marine Engineers

Introduction Of ENGINEERING Degrees In 2022 Study Guide

ENGINEERING Degrees In 2022 Study Guide. The highest paying engineering degrees just salary we went over the job satisfaction and all kinds of other things like demand however in this video we are going to be focusing on salary there are a lot of engineering-related degrees and engineering-related majors out there that there might not be very many graduates every year but.

The List Is Going To Be Nuclear Engineering

They can still be pretty good opportunities and they have a really good salary so with that being said let's jump in right away number 10 on the list is going to be nuclear engineering this is going to be all about either breaking down or combining different atomic nuclei I know this is not about creating nuclear bombs or anything like that.

This is all about energy production and the energy industry now with this degree you can expect to make around 73 000 a year in your first five years after graduating and then after 10 years also known as mid-career pay, you're going to be making around 124 000. now of course you could become a nuclear engineer and you'd be making around 113 000.

A year according to BLS there's 16 400 jobs available but it is declining at negative 13 meaning in the next 10 years 2100 jobs are going to disappear now the thing about any energy-related career degree is that it's not going to be very stable it's highly volatile a war the market dropping regulations laws changing anything like that can disrupt your entire industry now from my research most nuclear engineering jobs are relatively chill you're not going to be worked hard have to do super long hours or anything like.

Usually And As A Nuclear Engineer

That at least not usually and as a nuclear engineer you kind of hope that your job is boring let's be honest because your job generally speaking if you're working at an electrical plant is to make sure that the next Chernobyl doesn't happen now there's a lot of other jobs you could work in, for instance, you could be a waste management expert and get rid of the different nuclear waste you could get a job working with nuclear submarines where you'd be working on naval propulsion you could also do.

A lot of research and development there are a lot of job opportunities out there besides working in the energy industry specifically and depending on what career path you go down you might end up going back and getting a master's overall unless you know exactly what you're going for exactly what career you want to get into and exactly how you need to get there I would recommend not going into this one that's because of the negative job outlook and I've been asked about this one.

Several times in the comments section I might make an entire video on it but if you want to speed things up and just watch this video overall I kind of don't recommend it I think a lot of the other engineering degrees are going to be a better number nine on the list is going to be computer systems engineering now this one is going to be kind of a combination of computer science engineering skills math skills of course and then a little bit of maybe i.t skills as well so.

A Computer Hardware Engineer

Information technology and it's going to be used to figure out how technology fits into the larger scheme of an organization or a business now this one you can expect to make around seventy-four thousand dollars a year starting and mid-career pay is a hundred and twenty-four thousand a year there's a ton of different career paths that you could go for with this one because you're going to be specializing in skill sets that are gonna be in the technology industry there's going to be.

A lot of different opportunities out there one career path you could go for would be a computer systems analyst they make around 90 000 a year there's 632 000 jobs available it's growing at 7 which is faster than average and that means over the next 10 years there's going to be 46 000 new jobs available you could also become a computer hardware engineer where they make around 117 000 a year there's 71 000 jobs available so quite a bit less it's growing at 2 which is slower than average and that means over.

In the next 10 years there's going to be about 1100 jobs that pop up now I know with these technology degrees it can be very confusing because all of them almost sound like the same thing so I like to compare them so you can get an idea of what you would be doing with one over the other so if you were to get a computer science degree, for instance, you'd probably go into more information technology-related jobs or software development software engineering-related jobs.

Computer Systems Engineers

Whereas computer systems engineers are going to be working with maybe some low-level software engineering software development like some low-level programming but for the most part they're going to be working with hardware so with computer science you might go work at Google or Facebook and become a software engineer whereas with computer information systems you might work at intel and design the next processor overall this is a relatively rare major there are not that many graduates.

That you can find all over the country on top of that you could probably get into these same jobs do the same careers by getting a computer engineering degree and you'd have access to a lot of others as well so this can be a really good one to get into if you know exactly what you're going for but overall you'd probably just want to go for computer engineering instead number eight on the list is going to be marine engineering so this is going to be engineering.

That's all about anything in the ocean so boats ships oil rigs etc with this degree you can expect to make around 74 000 a year in your first five years and 125 000 in mid-career pay one career you could go into is becoming a marine engineer or a naval architect they make around 92 000 a year there are 11 800 jobs available it is growing pretty slowly at about one percent so there's only going to be about 200 jobs that open up in the next 10 years now with this degree.

There Are Two Different Types Of Marine Engineers

There are two different types of marine engineers and there are two different areas that you could go which are going to be completely different so you could be a marine engineer that is actually on the ship itself and you're kind of like almost like the ship's mechanic but you have a little bit more knowledge than your average mechanic so it's going to be a very hands-on type of career where you know about the ship you know everything about the ship and all the mechanical workings within it.

But you can also work on it if need be if you're a fan of sci-fi you can think about it like this whenever you're watching a sci-fi movie they always have an engineer on board the ship now this engineer ends up working on the ship in just about every single season that you see even though they're an engineer they're not a mechanic they still end up working on the ship itself this is kind of the same thing you're going to be spending long periods away from your family in the middle of the ocean floating on a ship.

So this might be great if you're single and you don't have to worry about taking care of a family or anything like that however as you're getting older and you want to have a family this is going to be a real drain on your work life balance but it will probably pay you extremely well especially if you're good another type of common marine engineering.

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