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A Puerto Rican Crispy Rice Dish? Healthy Food

Introduction Of A Puerto Rican Crispy Rice Dish? Healthy Food

A Puerto Rican Crispy Rice Dish? Healthy Food. This sausage and all we do there is just literally take that out and squeeze that over get rid of the casing and that's a beautiful Puerto Rican spicy sausage was going to give a nice flavor to the rice now that may not look advertising but trust me it will transform into something unique let me tell you.

The Onions Sausage Garlic Is Over

Now got the color on the chicken take that out and then with the onions sausage garlic is over we go I've got that flavor of that chicken in there already look beautiful oil in now your onions and your garlic and your sausage goes in now try that off beautiful now I get that nice and crispy great color on the sausage great color on the onions to caramelize.

That garlic and start to make this really nice and flat now the base from there take your salt and give that a really good seasoning beautiful really important that you keep that on the heat and it starts getting nice and caramelized remember we're going to crisp the rice so you never get anything crispy in a cold pan so keep that heat in there flatten that down nicely leave.

That bubbling away now the chicken skin as well just open that up and sort of break it in half and literally keep it nice and sort of chunky not too small you want that all sort of coming off the bone get it too small and it sort of disintegrates you want those nice chunks of a chicken running through this dish I'm using all the skin as well such great flavor and look at that got a bit of spice in there got the caramelization going on there that's exactly where I want to get that now in with that chicken beautiful.

The Flavor In There Is Incredible

That is beautiful once all that's fried off from there take that out get our pan nice and hot again look at that how beautiful is that and now we're going to start frying the rice really beautiful the flavor in there is incredible now oil goes in really important to get that oil piping hot okay and that's going to help get that rice nice and sticky and this is the sear.

That's super important okay here she goes you tip four now from there just literally pat that down and get that super crispy important to get the rice so toasty almost in a way that you think you've overcooked it but it's not it's a smart way of doing it next to get my chicken to overspread that in there with the onions and the sausage get all that resting juice beautifully done. You Can Also Read New Healthy Cooking Tips And Recipes 2022 Homemade Food.

But that just looks incredible chicken is nice and crispy onions have done their job the sausage has rendered the spices come out those and it is making that sing push that down is disciplined pat that chicken into that rice and get that crispy now the garnish are the eggs just a beautiful fried egg on top of there okay so non-stick pan and that over I'm gonna flavor the eggs with a little touch of garlic in there beautiful a little bit of the pepper again just down local pepper a little bit of heat to the eggs.

The Most Amazing Puerto Rican Pagal

I just want to run that through that oil so beautiful fry that off gets that nice and crispy before we crack our eggs in there a touch of salt now get that oil nice and hot once you start softening the garlic and the peppers get a touch of butter in there and just to get this nice and brown now I'm going to put a touch of butter down the side of the rice let's give that a nice nut-brown flavor and so that starts getting nice and toasty underneath that beautiful caramelized rice the butter lifts the flavor now.

Once that butter melts get your eggs straight in over the garlic such a beautiful way of cooking eggs and start getting them fried the flavor those peppers and the garlic go into the eggs then we'll hit that with some cilantro roll that round use the stove to your advantage cilantro now get some beautiful cilantro group it up and cover.

Those eggs without cilantro watch this so nice over beautifully so on there we'll tip that out for flavor i'm just cooking the whites that is nice and crispy over and now for the exciting part get the plate carefully sit that on top and then we'll turn that down and literally bang and just to be sure and then lift that off beautiful wow take your eggs and i'm using garlic and peppers and there we have the most amazing puerto rican pagal.

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