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A Business Administration Degree 2022 Study Guide

Introduction Of A Business Administration Degree 2022 Study Guide

A Business Administration Degree 2022 Study Guide. Is a business administration degree worth it this degree a whopping 000 people graduate every single year with a bachelor's and there are a ton of different career paths that you can go down but starting this off we're going to be talking about salary with a business administration degree you can expect to make around 49 dollars.

A Business Degree

A year starting and eighty-one thousand in mid-career pay you can compare this to one of the highest-earning degrees which would be petroleum engineering and they make around ninety-two thousand a year starting and a hundred and two thousand in mid-career pay or you could compare it to one of the lowest-earning degrees which would be recreational therapy which makes around 36 000 a year starting and 49 000 in mid-career pay now like I said there's a ton of different career paths.

That you can go down one career path you could go down would be a compensation and benefits manager which make a hundred and twenty-two thousand dollars a year another one would be a cost estimator which makes around sixty-five thousand dollars a year and another one would be a training and development manager which make around a hundred and thirteen thousand dollars a year overall when it comes to salary people who graduate with a business degree tend to do extremely well.

When you compare that to other types of degrees so for instance the average person who graduates with a college degree will make around 2.4 million dollars in a lifetime and the average business graduate will make around 2.6 million however if you look at business graduates who go into business-related careers they make around 2.8 million and those who go into management make around 3.3 million when it comes to earnings over a lifetime from their salary they are in the top four types of degrees so.

They Can Work For Almost Any Type Of Business

It's relatively high and one other thing to note here is they can work for almost any type of business or any type of industry pretty much everyone hires business majors so overall I'm going to go ahead and give this one an 8.5 out of 10 when it comes to salary next we're going to be talking about satisfaction and the first thing that I like to talk about when it comes to satisfaction is meaning and meaning is basically how much you think your job positively benefits the world so.

Business administration degrees have a 50 meaning score according to pay scale that means that 50 of the people who got this degree thinks that their degree significantly positively impacts the world compare this to 31 for plastics engineering technology and 91 for radiation therapy business degrees do tend to be average or maybe slightly above average when it comes to meaning now the second part of this I always like to talk about would be job satisfaction and that's how much you enjoy doing your actual job.

So for instance, if you were a professional food taster you might enjoy your job quite a bit so you'd have high job satisfaction but you might not necessarily have high meaning so one career path you might go down is becoming a business operations specialist and they have about 69 job satisfaction which is relatively high compare that to a high score which would be clergy at 90 and a very low score which would be a parking lot attendant at 41 also keep in mind.

Business Degrees Are The Second Least Regretted

Business degrees are the second least regretted type of degree so only about 15 percent of people who get business degrees regret getting the degree but the reason for that is because they tend to be a little bit too general and that is a huge problem here because a business administration degree is one of the most general types of business degrees and when doing research reading different forums and different testimonials of people who graduated this degree that definitely was the biggest downside so.

Overall when it comes to satisfaction i'm going to give this one a 7 out of 10. it's good but not great next we're going to be talking about demand so overall business-related careers are growing at about 5 over the next 10 years which is above average now when it comes to having a business degree it's pretty nice because of the fact that it's so flexible you can literally work for just about any business in any industry out there there's also a ton of different career paths that you can go down so.

If you get tired of one career path you don't want to do it anymore you can easily switch to a different one and a lot of companies are looking for people who graduate with business degrees for instance one test that I like to do is typing in the degree name into monster.com to see how many keywords are across the site so for the keyword business administration degree there are about 31 493 jobs that pop up you can compare that to a really good degree like computer science which has around 141 000 jobs.

Business Degree Graduates

That pop-up and a really bad degree like anthropology that only has around 800 jobs so that's actually pretty good additionally when surveyed when you're just looking at the raw numbers companies do tend to hire more business degrees than any other type of degree so for instance companies hire more business degree graduates than engineers or even computer and information science grads however a very general degree like business administration is not going to look as good to a company as something.

That's more specialized like finance or accounting still this one is pretty good so I'm going to go ahead and give it a score of 7.5 out of 10 when it comes to demanding next we're going to be talking about x-factors and this could be anywhere from flexibility to how easily outsource something is to how easily automated it is and all kinds of different things like that basically anything that's not covered in the other three categories so I mentioned the fact earlier that.

You do make more with a business degree than other types of degrees over a lifetime and i also talked about how flexible it is you can see this in the table business-related degrees can work in just about any industry and they make pretty good money and the reason for this, in my opinion, is because of the fact that you learn extremely valuable skills so, for instance, one skill you might learn is business process management and according to a zip recruiter skills index.

Learning A Skill Like Business Process

This is one of the most valuable skills you can learn at 86 out of a hundred compare this to the most valuable skill which is software engineering at 88 and a skill that's not very valuable which would be industrial sewing at eight and the cool thing about learning a skill like business process management is you can take your skills to just about any company or just about any industry out there whereas let's say you learned a skill in the healthcare field there's pretty much only.

A few types of professions that you can work in and use those skills so i said this before but that's one of the huge advantages to getting a business degree is how extremely flexible they are and in my opinion i think they're relatively future proof as well i don't think business related careers are going to be automated or if they are automated it will be very easy for you to switch into another career and use those skills that you've learned so for instance on willrobotstakemyjob.com.

A business operations specialist has around a 23 chance of being automated which is on the lower side compare that to a manufacturing related job and they have around an 84 chance of being automateds.

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